Hi, I'm Jack!

Right now I'm a Digital Media student at the University of Leeds, on my exchange year at Western University in Canada.

When I'm not flying around North America, I'm Leeds Student Radio's Head of Software. I've done all sorts of cool stuff there - from building radio studios to developing in-house software and designing their rather nice website. I also lend a hand to Leeds Student Television whenever needed, as their tech has a tendency to break.

When I am flying around North America, I'm often attending hackathons. Well, that, or I've gone on holiday to NYC for the 4th 5th time.

And now to shamelessly list some awards I've won...

  • ❤️ Hero of the Moment at the I Love Student Radio Awards 2018
  • ⭐ Most Committed Committee Member (Shortlisted) at the I Love Student Radio Awards 2018
  • 🌟 Outstanding Committee Member from Leeds Student Radio (2018)
  • 📺 Unsung Hero Award (Nominated) from Leeds Student Television (2017)
  • 👑 Special Recognition for a Member Award from Leeds Student Radio (2016)

I also was a major factor in Leeds Student Radio winning 🥉 Best Technical Achievement (Bronze) and 🥉 Best Station (Bronze) at the Student Radio Awards 2018, as well as winning 🥇 Most Improved Station at the I Love Student Radio Awards 2018.

My hackathon entries haven't done too bad either...

  • 🥇 First place at UrbanHacks
  • 🥈 Second place at uOttaHack
  • 🏆 Best Web Application, Best Money Management Tool, Best Use of HERE.com and Best Use of Google Cloud Platform at GrizzHacks
  • 🏆 Best Geospatial Application, Best Use of HERE.com, Best Domain, Social Determinants of Health Winner and Red Ventures' Choice at VandyHacks
  • 🏆 Best and Most Creative Use of the Standard Library Platform at UofTHacks
  • 🏆 Achievement Unlocked (Best Game) at McHacks
You can see everything I've made at hackathons on my Devpost profile.